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femfeb_prompt: slightly overcast day, two people lying on grass with eyes closed, one person rubbing face (2)

femslash february prompt repository

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Name:femslash february prompt repository
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this comm is for collecting prompts to help people create art, fiction, and other media for the tumblr event femslash february, where participants create two fanworks exploring relationships between characters who identify as women, and share their fanworks via the tracked tag #femslash february.

periodically, prompts will be collected and sorted into a delicious account.

★ the femfeb_prompt delicious will also collect prompts from four other memes (Teen Wolf, Merlin, the Mini Kink Meme, & the Multifandom Comment Ficathon)

the purpose of this comm is to help people discover ideas. this comm is not meant to acquire or collect fills. fills won't be saved into delicious, but do leave a link so the prompter can send some love.

I am not the originator of femslash february, and will defer to soaringrachel for guidelines shaping the challenge.

 delicious account
prompt post
list of warnings to include
questions & contact

link out

#femslash february / femslash february FAQ / ao3 collection

★ challenges
challenge to create works about queer Black women / #Femslash February Celebrates Black Women / #FFCBW Inspiration
Disneyforprincesses hosts Femslash awesomeness! / #femslash disney
Babylon 5 Fanworks Page is participating in Femslash February!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Femslash February Contest fanfic contest < 1000 words; concluded

★ other fests
Teen Wolf Femslash February Fest
femslash_kink: Femslash in February Mini Kink Meme
Merlin Femslash Promptfest
She's Got Lips Like Wine Not Sugar: Multifandom Comment Ficathon for Femslash February

★ prompt resources
Fallout Kink Meme: unfilled femslash prompts
31_days: fic theme community (via beforethemomentum) a day-by-day themed writing challenge. great for inspo.
talbots' post filled with simple femslash february prompts divided into one word, phrases, songs, and graphic categories <33
FFA's Femslash February Drabble Challenge Masterpost
yuri_challenge: prompts (via theoreticalconstruct) hella prompts [500] for hella fandoms [176], primarily for anime, manga, & videogames
festeringfae's post for ASOIAF prompts
salmonypink's post on Femslash February Prompt Resources (via super-villains) links to various kink memes and pairing generators
captainsmarvelandamerica's post on f/f resources links to various tumblrs focusing on female comic charas

★ tumblrs reblogging #femslash february contributions
difference is their tagging system & what they may reblog

★ general femslash tags
#femslash forever
#femslash friday; contributions collected at

★ misc
Heroine Big Bang (via talktoyourcactus)

if you are running a challenge for femslash february and want me to include your description or tracked tag, let me know.


thanks to soaringrachel for coming up with this idea ♡
and to theoreticalconstruct for making the posts that inspired the creation of this comm ♡

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